Many members of the library's staff are avid readers and would be happy to offer suggestions about books to read. All are familiar with online and other resources that can help you locate books, and other library materials, about which you may have limited information (not sure about title, author, etc.) In addition, there are many online resources offering suggestions for reading that you may enjoy browsing from home.

Reading Lists compiled by Mark Twain Library Staff

These are prepared for the general reader who is interested in a comprehensive introduction to the culture and history of a specific country; suggestions for popular and literary fiction are included, along with history, biography and memoirs. Travelers and book groups may find these lists of particular value.

If you like to finish your reading all in one sitting (for often, who has time for more?), short stories and essays are sure to appeal. Take a look at our IF YOU LIKE IT SHORT reading list for lots of ideas on good - but quite brief - reading.

"Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go..."
...and with a good book to listen to, it will be a lot more fun getting there! Try one of the audiobooks in our children's and teen collection for great family listening. Click here for a complete list of titles, organized by age-appropriate listening levels.


Internet Sites

Helpful information for enthusiastic readers is available from the following free websites as well.

  • (review excerpts from the major library review journals, plus extensive reader reviews; excellent general resource

  • (more complete presentation of editorial reviews than Amazon, but fewer reader comments; excellent general resource)

  • Overbooked (focuses on timely lists of the "hottest" and most well-reviewed titles in a wide range of genres, plus unusual themed and read-alike lists)

  • What's next? Books in Series (The Kent District Library in Michigan offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use source for information on books in series, for both adult and children's books)

  • Fiction_L booklists (Since 1995, the Morton Grove Public Library in Illinois has maintained a readers' advisory listserv for public librarians, who have created hundreds of superb themed booklists.)

  • The New York Times Book Review (Complete daily and Sunday book reviews since 1981 are available on the website, along with the annual Best Books and Notable Books lists since 1997, the influential New York Times Bestsellers Lists, etc.)

  • The New York Review of Books (The well-known intellectual magazine provides in-depth reviews on books related to political and cultural issues of the day; the current issue is available online, as are the complete archives of the magazine, some of which can be accessed without charge)

  • Kirkus Reviews (A very lively prepublication review journal founded by the late Redding resident Virginia Kirkus Glick; some reviews available online on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites; print edition available at library)