Not all information on the internet is accessible without charge. Many libraries now subscribe to electronic databases, collections of digital information organized for efficient retrieval by computer searches. The information in these proprietary collections is often more selective, quality-controlled or specialized than freely available information. In addition, many valuable publications are now available in a digital format.

Use of these select digital information sources is limited to those who hold library cards.

Mark Twain Library cardholders have access to the subscription databases listed here. Some databases are subsidized directly by the library, some are offered by Joel Barlow High School and can be accessed by Redding residents, and some are made available to all state residents by ICONN, Connecticut's Digital Library.

Library-funded databases/digital publications
(can be used only in the library)

  • Ancestry® Library Edition: the most comprehensive source of genealogical information on the web; the site recently added complete U.S. military records

Library-funded databases/digital publications with remote access
(can be used at the library and from home)

  • Freegal: Free downloadable music from Sony's Catalog. A Gift from us to you. Use your library card to download up to three songs a week free of charge! Take advantage of this great service week after week. Files are compatible with iTunes, iPods, MP3 players, and both Macs and PCs. Click here for more information.

  • Transparent Language Online: a foreign language learning system with options for ESL learners and mobile device users.

  • on-line access to product reviews and ratings from Consumer Reports (to use from home, you will need to enter your library card number)

  • Redding PILOT Online (from NEWSBANK): allows patrons to browse PILOT articles by date, starting with the June 5, 2003 edition; letters to the editors, obituaries, and general news articles can be accessed.

  • Morningstar® Investment Research Center: Real-time access to comprehensive data and independent analysis on thousands of investments, spanning mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds. Available in the library and from home.

  • Downloadable Books: download audiobooks or eBooks to your computer and/or portable devices.

  • ReferenceUSA: a business research database with in-depth information on more than 24 million U.S. businesses. Search by geography, type of business, size and other criteria.


Connecticut State Library
(can be used at the library and from home)

ICONN - Connecticut's re-search engine
(can be used at the library and from home)

ICONN provides a collection of essential library and information resources for all Connecticut students, faculty and residents.

  • Their Digital Library offers periodical, newspapers, reference databases, and downloadable books. Click here to see what's available.

  • reQuest, the Statewide Library Catalog, allows you to search more than five million titles in the collections of more than 400 libraries in Connecticut for Books, DVDs and more.