The Mark Twain Library Association is a private, non-profit corporation providing free public library services to the town of Redding. Its operating budget is funded in part by a grant from the town of Redding, and in part by contributions received from individuals and others. (Click here for information on how you can support the library.)

Library operations are overseen by a board of trustees, who serve for a maximum of two three-year terms. Board members are elected at the Association's annual meeting in June. As of June 2016, the members of the board are: Jennifer Wastrom (President), Terry Stratton Flagg (Vice President), Elaine Sanders (Secretary), Betsy Higgins (Treasurer), Ginny Beasley, Katharine Dusenbury, Richard Emerson, Karen Gifford, Tom Hauser, Grady Jensen, Midge Loery, Angela Matsuoka, Michael Rigby, Eric Rubury, and Rochelle Williston.

Individuals who donate to the library's annual appeal or who make other monetary contributions during a given calendar year are identified as "Friends of the Library". They also become members of the association for that year and are invited to participate in the library's annual meeting. Current Friends of the Library receive invitations to the Library's annual art show party.

The library is now part of the 75-member Bibliomation Library consortium, which allows Mark Twain Library patrons fast access to the more than 2,500,000 items held by the member libraries.

Click here for the library's most recent annual report.

Mission Statement

Honoring the vision and legacy of its founder, the Mark Twain Library offers the Redding community a center for intellectual, educational, social and cultural enrichment, providing a wide variety of materials, resources, and programs for all ages. --Adopted 1/11/2010


Library Use and Code of Conduct

Internet and Public Computer Use Policy

Volunteer Use Policy

Collection development

Exhibits and adult programs

The library supports the exhibit of artifacts created or collected by Redding residents and the presentation of cultural programs of interest to Redding residents. Exhibits and adult programs are coordinated by a committee of library volunteers. Please contact the library's director, Beth Dominianni, if you have an exhibit that you would like to be considered for display, or a program that you would like to present at the library.