If you are traveling from Bethel, Route 53 will be closed just south of Umpawaug Road starting June 13th, for just over 2 months. Exit off 53 onto Umpawaug Road. Follow Umpawaug for 1.9 miles until you reach a stop sign and "Y" intersection. Bear left onto Diamond Hill Road. Follow Diamond Hill for one mile (very steep) until you reach a stop sign. Turn right onto Route 53 and the library's driveway will be on your right.

The Mark Twain Library is located at the corner of Route 53 and Diamond Hill Road in Redding. At this location, Route 53 is known as "Redding Road"; if you are using Google Maps, Mapquest, or an automobile navigation system, enter "439 Redding Road" as the library's street address.

From the Merritt Parkway (three options)

  • Option 1 Route 58 (the official "scenic" route; best for those coming from the north)
  • Option 2 Routes 57/53
  • Option 3 Route 7

From Route 84 (two options)

  • Option 1 through Newtown (best for those coming from points east)
  • Option 2 Danbury/Route 7 south (best for those coming from points west/New York State)

From I-95 (Connecticut Turnpike)

From NY State Route 684