The Mark Twain Library is located at the corner of Route 53 and Diamond Hill Road in Redding. At this location, Route 53 is known as "Redding Road"; if you are using a navigation application or system, enter "439 Redding Road" as the library's street address.

From the Merritt Parkway (three options)

  • Option 1 Route 58 (the official "scenic" route; best for those coming from the north)
  • Option 2 Routes 57/53
  • Option 3 Route 7

From Route 84 (two options)

  • Option 1 through Newtown (best for those coming from points east)
  • Option 2 Danbury/Route 7 south (best for those coming from points west/New York State)

From I-95 (Connecticut Turnpike)

From NY State Route 684