The Mark Twain Library is located at the corner of Route 53 and Diamond Hill Road in Redding. At this location, Route 53 is known as "Redding Road"; if you are using Google Maps, Mapquest, or an automobile navigation system, enter "439 Redding Road" as the library's street address.

From Route 84

  • Option 1 (best for those coming from points east)

    Exit 11 NEWTOWN/ROUTE 34

    When you get to the traffic light at the end of the very long exit ramp, take a LEFT on to Mile High Road. This ascending road ends in a T-intersection at Route 25; take a RIGHT at the traffic light onto Route 25. In a bit under a mile, take a LEFT at the traffic light onto Route 302/Sugar Street.

    Follow Route 302 for about three miles until the intersection with Hattertown Road; 302 takes a wide curve to the right at this point, but you must take a LEFT at the "y" intersection onto Hattertown Road (landmark: large restaurant parking lot straight ahead)

    At the next intersection (a 4-way stop), turn RIGHT onto Poverty Hollow Road, and follow it for another 3.5 miles into Redding. At a Y-intersection, take a RIGHT on to Church Hill Road and ascend a half-mile up a very steep incline until you reach the intersection with Route 58.

    Go straight at the intersection onto Cross Highway. Follow Cross Highway through a blinking red light, down one very steep hill and up another, across a church green and go straight at the stop sign directing you to Route 107 South.

    Take a (slight) LEFT when you hit Route 107, and head down another very steep hill. At the T-intersection at the bottom, take a RIGHT onto Route 53/Redding Road, and proceed just under a quarter of a mile. The Library and its parking lot will be on your left. (You've gone too far if you arrive at the blinking red light that marks the four-way-stop intersection just beyond the library; you can turn around at the middle school located a short distance north.)