The Mark Twain Library is located at the corner of Route 53 and Diamond Hill Road in Redding. At this location, Route 53 is known as "Redding Road"; if you are using Google Maps, Mapquest, or an automobile navigation system, enter "439 Redding Road" as the library's street address.

From I-95 (Connecticut Turnpike)

You will follow Route 53 from I-95 all the way to the library.

Follow Route 53 for approximately 5 miles through Norwalk; it is labeled East Avenue from I-95 to Route 1/Post Road, Newtown Avenue from the Post Road until a y-intersection with Chestnut Hill and then is labeled Chestnut Hill Road. Stay on Route 53/Chestnut Hill into Wilton, crossing Route 33. About a mile after the Route 33 intersection, take a RIGHT onto Cedar Road (following the sign for Route 53), and...

...take a right at the next stop sign, straight at the second stop sign, go down a hill to the third stop sign, then straight through the intersection and up a hill until you arrive at a traffic light.

You have now arrived at the merger of Route 57 and Route 53 (in the town center of Weston). Take a LEFT on to Routes 53/57.

After you pass by Weston's public school campus on the right (marked by a traffic light), you will hit the intersection where Routes 57 and Route 53 diverge. At this intersection, marked by a blinking red light, continue on the road you are on (it will bend slightly to the right), but you will now be on Route 53/Newtown Turnpike.

Continue on Route 53 through a residential area and a mile or two of forest with a reservoir barely visible to your right. After you get to the top of the reservoir (you will be out of the woods, with a spectacular view of the reservoir), take an immediate LEFT turn following the arrow for Route 53, and continue on a very twisty part of Route 53 (Glen Road) for about a mile.

After that twisty mile, proceed through two stop signs marking the temporary convergence of Routes 53 and 107. Be sure to go straight at the second stop sign, staying on Route 53, and you will see the library on your left in less than a quarter of a mile.